Workshops & Seminars on Worship by Christine Longhurst

Comments From Previous Workshops

“Christine’s passion for the music of worship—and her willingness to share it—will bear fruit in the life of our congregation.”

“It was an excellent event—much appreciated by the range of people present from our congregation—song leaders, praise team members, pianists, worship leaders and planners! For me, there is a real sense of potential to take next steps because we have shared this learning experience.”

“I wish to express my sincere appreciation to you for sharing your time, your passion, your experience and your gifts with us. It was a tremendously inspiring and challenging day. Each person I’ve spoken to since your workshops have mentioned how they valued the day and how they appreciated your inspiring and practical presentations.”

“Christine’s day of workshops is just the beginning for us. We’ve already decided to devote time at our next few worship committee meetings to process some of the many things she said, and to find ways to translate and apply them in our setting.”

“My husband & I attended your workshop on blending musical styles, and found it extremely interesting & helpful.”

“Christine is an excellent communicator, a person who is passionate about the church and about good worship, and a person who transmits significant theological ideas in practical “down to earth ways”. She did a fabulous job and is certainly a person we’d like to invite again.”

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation. I was very impressed with your breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm.”

“Christine was well-prepared, had good hand-outs, made effective use of power-point, was willing to answer questions, was sensitive to various traditions of worship & gave us many good ideas to ponder.”

“An excellent workshop! Very organized & informative. Thank you!”

“Christine is clearly very knowledgeable & experienced—and it came through in the teaching.”

“Her workshop was very applicable to the church today. The topics were well chosen, well presented, and very timely. Thank you!”

“The workshop was jam-packed with a wide variety of information—so good! I’m usually a very hard person to please at workshops, but this was fabulous! Thanks, Christine.”

“Christine is very gifted, knowledgeable and inspiring. A joy to listen to.”

“The topics were exactly what we needed to hear. Christine provided us with invaluable information. It will really help us as we plan and lead worship and worship music.”

“It was so wonderful to be able to sing together!”

“Christine has much to share, and she presents really well, encouraging participation and seeking to speak to our concerns/needs.”

“Christine was very easy to understand. This workshop has been very helpful for where I’m at in leading worship.”

“I enjoyed the sessions very much. I was definitely able to receive some useful information and resources. Thank you.”

“I was deeply blessed and encouraged by this workshop.”

“A wonderful workshop! Let’s have more!”

“Thank you for a truly inspiring weekend. We appreciated not only the wealth of information you came with, but also your passion for the church and your gentleness with us. We felt like you had come to interact with us about our situation, and we walked away from the seminar with inspiration, ideas, and an added dose of hope.”

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop. It was a powerful and spiritual experience. Thank your for sharing your wisdom, and your obvious love for the church.”

“Thank you so much for coming and sharing your wisdom and experience with music and worship. You were a real gift to our music and worship leaders. You have much to give, and do it so well!”

“Thank you for spending time with us. God used you to give our leaders a lift—it was just what we needed!”

“Thank you for blessing us with your many gifts this weekend, and enriching us so generously.”

“Wow! What a morning we had with you. It was so stimulating, so helpful. I think you’ve started something for us.”

“Thank you for the wonderful presentations you made in our church. It was quite obvious by the number of questions that people were very interested in what you were saying and that you captured their minds. Many people came up to me later and mentioned how much they had enjoyed the class. Thanks!”